Medicine Stone 2018: Day 2 Preview

Preview every main stage artist set to perform on Day 2 (Friday) of Medicine Stone…

Medicine Stone is just two days away, kicking off at Diamondhead Resort in Tahlequah, Oklahoma on Thursday, September 20. Now in its sixth year of existence, the festival continues to grow and attract fans from all over the country to the home of red dirt music.

The music begins at 11:30am on Friday with the main stage lineup set for a 5:00pm start, featuring each of the following:

Jamie Lin Wilson (5:00pm)
“No one covers the spectrum of age and experience quite like Jamie: moving portraits of men, women, and children coping, striving, wondering, and celebrating.”

Reckless Kelly (6:10pm)
“Reckless Kelly is a great band with an apt name. The outlaw’s spirit pervades the ambiance. They are rugged individualists who dedicate themselves to advancing the state of their art.”

Cody Canada and the Departed (7:35pm)
“There’s plenty of amplified crunch, Red Dirt twang, roadhouse-worthy guitar riffs, story-based songwriting, and the familiar rasp of Canada’s voice — an instrument that’s been sharpened by years of raw, redemptive shows.”

The Toadies (9:00pm)
“Burst[ing] onto the scene in 1994 with the breakthrough Rubberneck, including the singles “Possum Kingdom,” “Tyler.”

The Turnpike Troubadours (10:30pm)
Narratives put to music are nothing new, but Evan Felker and his bandmates have upped the ante, creating a web of unforgettable characters that show up on album after album in songs that are both catchy and musically complex: men and women with their backs against their wall, represented realistically but also imbued with dignity.

View the complete Day 2 Medicine Stone music lineup here.

Medicine Stone 2018: Day 1 Preview

Preview every main stage artist set to perform on Day 1 (Thursday) of Medicine Stone…

Medicine Stone is just two days away, kicking off at Diamondhead Resort in Tahlequah, Oklahoma on Thursday, September 20. Now in its sixth year of existence, the festival continues to grow and attract fans from all over the country to the home of red dirt music.

The music begins at 3:00pm with the main stage lineup set for a 6:00pm start, featuring each of the following:

Read Southall (6:00pm)
This band from Stillwater, OK gets things going on night one.

Koe Wetzel (7:15pm)
East Texan native based out of Stephenville, TX. Texas Rock N’ Roll.

Wade Bowen (8:45pm)
Long-time Texas artist and a staple in the scene.

Randy Rogers Band (10:30pm)
The Texas-based band has kept its lineup intact since 2002, and the group has reached the Top 5 of Billboard’s country albums chart with each of its last three studio releases, including 2016’s “Nothing Shines Like Neon.” The group recently completed a new album, set for mid-2018 release, at Nashville’s historic RCA Studio A with GRAMMY-winning producer Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson).

View the complete Day 1 Medicine Stone music lineup here.

Ever More Nest and Kelcy Mae: Finding Her Place

Kelcy Mae tours NC ahead of her new album, ‘The Place That You Call Home‘ due out October 12…

Shreveport, Louisiana native and New Orleans based singer-songwriter Kelcy Mae has been writing music and touring on a mission of self discovery for many years. Recording three albums (Half-Light, 2014 – Pennies in Hand, 2011 and The Times Compiled, 2007) along her journey, it never seemed she had quite found her place but that is changing.

Aided by producer Neilson Hubbard, Mae captured her vision for ‘The Place That You Call Home‘, creating Ever More Nest and compiling a record full of songs that blend Americana, folk, southern rock and story-telling depth with lessons in life, love, frustration, and inner soul searching.

Traveling with guitarist Dave DeCotiis, the duo has multiple stops across North Carolina this week where you can hear these songs and experience the smooth, bold, live performances of seeing Mae on stage.

Prior to her first stop, RedDirtNC caught up with the rising star to find out more about ‘The Place That You Call Home‘, her musical influences and Ever More Nest.

RDNC: Can you briefly share the backstory behind your career, how Ever More Nest began and what ultimately led to the upcoming album ‘The Place That You Call Home‘?

KM: I’ve been performing as Kelcy Mae for the last few years. I started pursuing music more seriously after finishing grad school (MFA in Poetry), when I was able to focus more on songwriting. I put out a couple records and toured a bit. After my last record (Half-Light), I felt like I really hadn’t quite found myself and my groove yet. I think of those last few years of touring and performing as a journey in self-discovery. By 2017 I had a number of songs I knew I wanted to record and a specific aesthetic I wanted for them. That led to the birth of Ever More Nest. Neilson Hubbard (Producer on ‘The Place That You Call Home‘) helped me manifest that vision on the record, and now I’ve got the band to back it up. Kelcy Mae didn’t feel like the right name and identity anymore, and it didn’t help its case that people misspell it nearly all the time. Ever More Nest helped free me creatively and allow me to explore the Americana aesthetic dear to my heart.

RDNC: What are your favorite songs off the new album and can you share any lyrical highlights, why?

KM: The album is so new that I’m still in love with these songs. I’m so excited for people to hear them and to play them live. Major Tom is definitely one of my favorites. The lesson of letting go has truly been life-changing for me over the last year. As discussed in the Atwood Magazine video premier, it’s a song that came to me quickly in a low moment right after the presidential election. Learning how to stay active and engaged with my world and how to know what I can and can’t control, what I can and can’t contribute, was really helpful to me in all aspects of my life. I feel so at home in that song, floating in space as it were, I know nothing but what I know, and this world done lost me a long time ago. I feel like Major Tom, out of control. And of course the song ends with the line, “I feel like Major Tom, letting go”.

Another current favorite is Broken Bones. The title for the album comes from this song, No one can break your heart quite like the place that you call home.Written after the major flood that happened last year in New Orleans, it’s a song about the frustrations of “home.” For me, of course, that’s New Orleans. My favorite lyrics are in the bridge, “Broken streets, broken homes, broken hearts that roam alone along broken streets, broken homes, broken hearts that beat through beating“. The next lines speak to the rhetoric we all get from our civic leaders who say they’re doing everything they can for us, for the betterment of society, community, whatever. “Tell me one more time how you’ve got me on your mind…one more time for the people at the end of the line“. “Home” can be so insanely frustrating, especially for those less fortunate—living with dysfunction, be it on a familial or city scale, is heartbreaking.

RDNC: What does the title, ‘The Place That You Call Home‘, reveal about the album’s overall theme and impact?

KM: I’ve always been interested in the idea of “place.” For me, the title isn’t strictly literal, though, like it more or less is within the song Broken Bones. “Home” can be a lot of things. So can “place.”I chose it for the album because I think the idea of place permeates the entire record. And looking at the record now, I can see that it’s a record about finding my place in the world. I feel like this is simplifying a more complex bigger picture, but that’s the easiest way to describe it, I guess.

RDNC: Who have been your musical influences and did any one in particular have an impact on this particular album?

KM: My musical influences have varied over the years, but I’ve always loved that southern, Americana sound. Direct influences on this record include Emmylou Harris (Wrecking Ball) and probably Ryan Adams’ former band Whiskeytown. Lucinda Williams and Lucero as well. Caroline Spence has become a big influence–it was her record ‘Spades & Roses‘ that led to my working with producer Neilson Hubbard. Other favorites include Aimee Mann, Bon Iver, Bonnie Prince Billy, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Jose Gonzalez.

RDNC: How would you describe the sound of the album to any potential new fans?

KM: I imagine the artist influences I just named can give you a general idea of the sound of the record. It’s southern country and rock and roll with lyrics that hopefully make you do a double take. I think it’s something you can listen to on a lonely dirt road or on a bustling city street. It’s gritty, yet lush … We can’t wait to be back in North Carolina. Hope you all remain safe and dry–we’re rooting for you as Florence approaches.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
9/17 – The Town Pump (Black Mountain, NC) – 9:00pm
9/19 – The Dinghy (Isle of Palms, SC) – 7:00pm
9/20 – ISIS Music Hall (Asheville, NC) – 7:00pm
9/21 – The Evening Muse (Charlotte, NC) – 7:00pm
9/22 – Mystery Brewing (Hillsborough, NC) – 8:30pm

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Medicine Stone 2018: Full lineup and stage guide

Check out the full lineup and stage guide for Medicine Stone 2018 below…

Medicine Stone 2018 is fast approaching as event planners and festival organizers have put together another incredible lineup for the sixth straight year. Beginning on Thursday (9/20) at 3:00pm CT, live music fills a majority of each day with sets from all of your favorites up until the wee hours of Sunday morning. There will be plenty to keep you entertained.

Couple that with camping underneath the ‘Oklahoma Stars’ by close friends, meeting new people and sharing in a love of music and you’ve got all of the necessary ingredients for a pretty spectacular weekend.

Following is a look at all of the scheduled events and where to catch your favorite artist or band when they take to the stage at Medicine Stone in less than one week!


3:00pm – BC and the Big Rig (Gravel Bar)
4:30pm – RC and the Ambers (Gravel Bar)
6:00pm – Read Southall (Main Stage)
7:15pm – Koe Wetzel (Main Stage)
8:45pm – Wade Bowen (Main Stage)
10:30pm – Randy Rogers Band (Main Stage)
12:15am – Micky and the Motorcars (Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse)
12:15am – The Vandoliers (Gravel Bar)


11:30am – Dave Kay (Gravel Bar)
1:00pm – Brandon Aguilar (Gravel Bar)
1:30pm – Jason Boland, Cody Canada and Mike McClure (Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse)
2:30pm – OK Film and Music Winner (Gravel Bar)
3:00pm – John Fullbright (Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse)
5:00pm – Jamie Lin Wilson (Main Stage)
6:10pm – Reckless Kelly (Main Stage)
7:35pm – Cody Canada and the Departed (Main Stage)
9:00pm – The Toadies (Main Stage)
10:30pm – Turnpike Troubadours (Main Stage)
12:15am – Charley Crockett (Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse)
12:15am – Dirty River Boys (Gravel Bar)


11:30am – Randy Crouch (Gravel Bar)
1:00pm – Thomas Trapp (Gravel Bar)
1:30pm – Mike McClure Band (Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse)
2:30pm – Austin Meade (Gravel Bar)
3:00pm – Kaitlin Butts (Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse)
5:25pm – Red Dirt Rangers (Main Stage)
6:50pm – Red Shahan (Main Stage)
8:15pm – Flatland Cavalry (Main Stage)
10:00pm – Jason Boland and the Stragglers (Main Stage)
12:15am – Bo Phillips (Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse)
12:15am – The Dirty Mugs (Gravel Bar)

Live Review: Parker McCollum and Randy Rogers Band in Charlotte – 09/08/2018

Two singer, songwriters from the heart of Texas greeted an energetic crowd at Coyote Joe’s on Saturday night…

Football was in the air on Saturday in Charlotte with the hometown collegiate 49ers hosting in-state rival Appalachian State and the Carolina Panthers set to face off against the Dallas Cowboys one day later. However, the Cowboys weren’t the only team from Texas visiting the Queen City as rising star Parker McCollum and the established veteran lineup of Randy Rogers Band (RRB) took over the 103.7 Superstage at Coyote Joe’s.

A late arriving crowd filled the venue just in time for the 26-year old, Austin based, Parker McCollum that earlier this year signed a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell Nashville. Riding the momentum behind his sophomore release Probably Wrong, out in late 2017, McCollum has dialed in to a sound many people gravitate towards while combining it with meaningful lyrics and smooth melodies.

McCollum brought a nice mix of upbeat country in hits like ‘New Orleans‘ and the slower, soulful lyrics from ‘Hell of a Year’ before capping his extremely entertaining 45-minute set with crowd favorite ‘Meet You in the Middle‘.

Not knowing what to expect from a live performance of McCollum, his first in Charlotte, the talented Texas native left no question that he is a rising star worthy of headlining future shows outside of the normal confines for Texas country and red dirt music.

No stranger to venturing outside of their comfort zone, Randy Rogers Band, a staple in the scene took the stage following McCollum. The dance floor was packed with little room left to move once Rogers stepped to the mic.

Greeting fans with classic hits, love songs, drinking songs, goodbye songs, lonely songs and even one titled ‘Goodbye Lonely‘ – which Rogers initially penned after being told to not write anymore songs about goodbye or lonely – the RRB puts on an impressive live performance.

Honing their craft with over fifteen years of experience with the same lineup, RRB is keeping country music alive. No frills, no nonsense – Rogers is a legendary entertainer who has enjoyed success as a singer, songwriter, manager and now restaurant owner after Chopshop Live recently began operation in Roanoke, Texas. A live event space with full food service just outside of Dallas-Fort Worth, Rogers opened the venue on July 14 of this year.

Both entertainers combined to create a memorable experience for everyone in attendance on Saturday as North Carolina is already looking forward to a return from Parker McCollum and Randy Rogers Band very soon – even though the Panthers won.

Parker McCollum SETLIST 09/10/2018

Fake Out
Lonesome Ten Miles
The Truth
New Orleans
Happy New Year
All Day
I Can’t Breathe
Memphis Rain
Hell of a Year
Meet You in the Middle

Randy Rogers Band SETLIST 09/10/2018

This Time Around
Buy Myself A Chance
Tonight’s Not the Night
Goodbye Lonely
10 Miles Deep
Just A Matter of Time
One More Goodbye
Down and Out
Lonely Too Long
Speak of the Devil
Steal You Away
Last, Last Chance
Tequila Eyes
San Antone
Too Late for Goodbye
In My Arms Instead
Kiss Me in the Dark
Trouble Knows My Name

A Perfect Combination: ‘Jam in the Trees’ 2018 Review

The third installment of ‘Jam in the Trees’ took place over this past weekend in Black Mountain…

A surprisingly cool evening for August in North Carolina, even for the mountains, greeted fans and those affectionately becoming known as ‘jamsters’ outside Pisgah Brewing in Black Mountain on Friday night. The beginning to what is quickly becoming a premiere event for the area in only its third year of existence, ‘Jam in the Trees’ continues to exceed expectations.

The star studded lineup featured three intimate sets on Friday night inside the venue as the capacity crowd spilled out into the picnic area toward the food trucks on hand. Outside, preparations for Day 2 could be heard from the outdoor stage, adding anticipation to the event as a whole.

Asheville based singer and songwriter Jane Kramer kicked off the night with a few songs setting a high bar for the evening of music to follow. Quickly capturing the attention of everyone on hand with ‘Truck Stop Stars’ and a few songs from her upcoming album (Fall 2018), Kramer was joined by Andy Buckner on stage before ending her opening set.

The hip hop and bluegrass combination known as Gangstagrass followed, energizing the crowd. A blend of lyrics and song styles thought to have no place in the same realm of music comes together to create an intense live and thoroughly entertaining performance. RSON the Voice of Reason effortlessly composing flawless lines while managing to bring in notations of Asheville and other bands on hand was something to witness.

The evening ended with another Asheville band, Fireside Collective, who had many local fans in attendance. Their upbeat set put an exclamation point on night one, warming up Pisgah Brewing for a full day of entertainment on Saturday.

The festivities kicked off just after lunch for a full day of great music as those returning from Friday and all new ‘jamsters’ were greeted by sets from The Po Ramblin Boys of neighboring Tennessee and Andy Buckner, who was joined by his full band on stage with Jane Kramer adding some nice harmony.

A quickly alternating pace between the outdoor stage and indoor venue kept the music flowing like much of the craft beer on hand – no worries though, PBR is also available in addition to a self-serve water station complete with available cups and its own tap.

Music from the Slocan Ramblers, Lindi Ortega and Jerry Douglas carried patrons through the afternoon before Sirius XM Outlaw Country host Elizabeth Cook pulled up a barstool to the mic inside for an amusing set of her original songs and a few comedic stories.

Outside, Virginia based The Steel Wheels began a run of memorable performances which would ultimately conclude the third annual ‘Jam in the Trees’ leaving only a late night mix of different artists in attendance to literally jam for a bit culminating with Americana icon Jim Lauderdale hosting after performing his own set earlier in the day.

Shooter Jennings and The Travelin McCourys preceded that late night session with the festival’s only back-to-back outdoor stage performances. Jennings led into his set with ‘Bound Ta Git Down’ off his new album, “Shooter” and followed with a few others mixed with some old favorites.

The Travelin McCourys then concluded this increasingly popular event quickly becoming a mainstay of Pisgah Brewing. An awesome atmosphere surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, host venue and lineup created the perfect combination continuing momentum for year four when the ‘Jam in the Trees’ returns.

Jam in the Trees 2018 Preview

The two-day Americana themed festival in Black Mountain kicks off tonight…

Jam In The Trees is an annual music festival nestled in western North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, just outside of Asheville. While 2018 is only the third year since inception, the festival was nominated for IBMA’s prestigious Momentum Award. Jam In The Trees aims to offer the most inclusive experience for each fan, with VIP tickets available for intimate meet & greets with multiple artists. The festival also offers a complimentary shuttle service between the festival venue, Pisgah Brewing Company, and downtown Asheville, nearby hotels, and campgrounds, for safe and easy travel.

The annual music festival returns with a diverse lineup for the third year to Pisgah Brewing Company in Black Mountain, North Carolina. The roster includes legendary artists The Travelin’ McCourys, Jerry Douglas, Shooter Jennings, Elizabeth Cook, Jane Kramer, Gangstagrass, The Stray Birds, Jim Lauderdale, The Steel Wheels, Fireside Collective, The Po’ Ramblin Boys, The Slocan Ramblers, and Andy Buckner. Following tradition, Jam in the Trees will host music on both an indoor and outdoor stage, and will strategically schedule artists so that there are no overlapping sets. In addition to award-winning Pisgah beer, food trucks will be present on-site, as well as unique vendors and local artisans.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 24 (All Indoor)

8:00p-8:30p Jane Kramer
9:00p-10:30p Gangstagrass
11:00p-12:00a Fireside Collective


1:00p-1:45p The Po Ramblin Boys (Outdoor)
1:45p-2:30p Andy Buckner (Indoor)
2:30p-3:15p Slocan Ramblers (Outdoor)
3:15p-4:00p Lindi Ortega (Indoor)
4:00p-4:45p Jerry Douglass (Outdoor)
4:45p-5:30p Elizabeth Cook (Indoor)
5:30p-6:30p The Steel Wheels (Outdoor)
6:30p-7:15p Jim Lauderdale (Indoor)
7:30p-8:30p Shooter Jennings (Outdoor)
9:00p-10:30p The Travelin McCourys (Outdoor)
After Hours Jam – Jim Lauderdale & The Po Ramblin Boys with special guests! (Indoor)

Don’t miss this unique opportunity for western NC, tickets remain available for purchase here.

Preview the lineup and learn more about each artist here.

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Live Review: William Clark Green in Asheville – 08/15/2018

‘The greatest party on earth’ recently rolled into western NC for a midweek show…

Fresh off the release of his latest album, Hebert Island – reaching #1 on the iTunes Country Chart – William Clark Green (WCG) and his band took the stage at The Grey Eagle in Asheville on Wednesday night. Opening with the title track WCG set the tone for an upbeat performance with a few ballads mixed in throughout the set list.

Backed by a high energy performance, there were no signs of fatigue from a band that has been touring for the past few weeks in anticipation of the album release as they kicked off an east coast swing with upcoming dates in Washington D.C., New York City and Pennsylvania before returning for another North Carolina date.

Not having played Asheville in quite some time, WCG was appreciative of the crowd on hand and many were familiar with his music. In fact, at one point he mentioned never having the crowd sing his songs back to him (in Asheville) but during the finale of ‘She Likes the Beatles’ the Texas native backed away from the mic and let the crowd take over the chorus.

WCG even shared the inspiration and story behind what led him to write the hit song and how it has changed his life since being released. The details of which will not be shared here – especially with another opportunity to see him perform live and perhaps tell it again in NC so soon.

Having previously expressed his appreciation for crowds who care about the music and artists who take time to both write and cultivate their own unique sound – it was evident there were many on hand Wednesday night who shared in this view.

From the meaningful ‘Old Fashioned’ written for his grandfather to the rowdy ‘Ringling Road’, WCG transitioned smoothly throughout the set backed by a tight band who combined to match the pace set by their lead all evening long.

One of the best live performances witnessed this year, WCG displayed sincere gratitude for all of the fans in attendance. Remaining on stage instead of having the audience cheer for an encore, WCG treated everyone to a few requests before ending the evening.

Taking into consideration that the opportunities for catching a live show are limited in this area, WCG graciously obliged audience requests of ‘Gypsy’, ‘Caroline’ and ‘My Mother’ among a few others.

If you happened to miss out on his first stop, WCG returns to NC on Sunday (8/19) at Puckett’s Farm Equipment in Charlotte. Don’t make the same mistake twice as a few tickets still remain and are available here. You can even pick up a copy of Hebert Island for free by finding Tyler at the merch table and simply asking for an album!

SETLIST 08/15/2018

Hebert Island
Hit You Where It Hurts
Next Big Thing
Drunk Again
Sticks and Stones
Old Fashioned
Ringling Road
Hanging Around
I Miss You
Creek Don’t Rise
She Loves Horses
Rose Queen
Still Think About You
She Likes the Beatles

Mile 0 Fest: What to Know Before You Go

For both those that attended the inaugural Mile 0 Fest and everyone else who missed out but is looking at not making the same mistake again…

If you missed the inaugural Mile 0 Fest held in Key West, Florida last year but know anyone who attended, then you’ve likely seen the pictures and heard stories about what transpired – a well ran and flawlessly executed festival on a number of different levels. An epic musical lineup in paradise, paired with opportunities no other festival can duplicate and next year is going to be even better.

Passes and packages (Platinum-SOLD OUT, Gold, Pirate and Beach Bum) for 2019 are on sale beginning next Monday, July 16 and whether you remain on the fence about attending this year or are already booked, we offer the following advice based on attendance from last year and changes that have already been announced or are being offered for this year’s experience.

DATES: January 29 – February 2, 2019

Last year the festival was a four day event that has been extended to include part of Tuesday (1/29) this year. An additional half-day of action so attendees need to make certain their travel plans include arriving early enough to help kick-off the festivities in Key West.


Already receiving rave reviews, another stacked lineup across the board is only going to grow as the event draws closer. Expect multiple other artists to be added, including FOUR MORE THIS WEEK before tickets go on sale! Last year the event covered six stages with 50-plus artists and 71 shows – this year Mile 0 Fest will host 10-plus stages, 60-70 artists and over 100 shows!

TRANSPORTATION: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (even boats!)

Key West is best reached by air but flights in and out of the small island are limited and often expensive. Other possibilities include Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, but will require either renting a vehicle or taking the bus on a near four-hour trip through the keys down US Hwy. 1. The good news is there is plenty to see and do along the way but the narrow road often allows for only two-way traffic and can be backed up at times. The Key West Express can make reaching the festival even more fun from Ft. Myers if you prefer to view the keys from out on the water.

Once in Key West, all Mile 0 Fest package holders will have access to a trolley with select stops near Duval Street (main street in KW), the Amphitheater and other related stages and accommodations. Some parking is available for golf carts and cars at the Amphitheater stage but one of the best ways to get around Key West is on foot. If you prefer, there are plenty of golf cart and scooter rental places available, in addition to bicycles, which can be extremely beneficial as parking is limited everywhere – remember, it’s a small island.

UBER and Taxis also service Key West, plus public transportation which can be beneficial if staying closer to the airport.

WHERE TO STAY: Mile 0 Fest Has You Covered

Platinum packages and passes are already SOLD OUT due to the ability of those who attended last year to commit early but the remaining available options provide the best in terms of accommodations. Your individual booking representative can help to ensure you receive the best possible room(s) in addition to adding extra days onto either end of your trip (recommended).

If not utilizing the packages available, anywhere on or near Duval St. can provide a location in close proximity to both the Amphitheater Stage and many of the other venues associated with Mile 0 Fest. Also, don’t forget non-traditional bookings which can be provided via VRBO or Airbnb – some of these even allow for individuals or groups to stay on boats which owners rent throughout the year.

WHAT TO PACK: Relax, it’s Key West

Sunscreen, comfortable shoes and a portable phone charger – what more do you need? There are opportunities for swimming at any of the few Key West beaches (Smathers Beach, Fort Taylor State Park, or Southernmost Beach Resort) but unless you’re planning to soak up the sun or take an excursion requiring swimwear – it’s basically optional. A light jacket or long sleeve shirt is recommended because once the sun goes down it can get a little chilly on the island. The charger will be put to good use after all the photos and videos of both Key West, in general, and the musical performances held both day and night.

If you forget anything, there are plenty of stores on the island – big name, local and in between to meet any need.

WHERE TO EAT: Decisions, decisions, decisions…

This is too broad a topic with so many delicious places to choose from which will be given its due diligence closer to festival time. However, there will be food trucks and vendors on-site at the Amphitheater Stage (all were delicious and well priced last year) plus many of the other venues provide food which is also great!

MOST IMPORTANT: Still not convinced?

If you are thinking at all about attending, decide before passes go on sale because they will go quickly and single-day passes are not yet (and may not be) an option this year. The only way to guarantee your spot is to purchase it once they become available on Monday (7/16).

Everyone is on vacation, artists and patrons alike which provides for a unique atmosphere at every show you attend. You may have an opportunity to purchase a drink for your favorite musician or even spend the day with them snorkeling and parasailing while completing one of the many optional FURY provided excursions.

Mile 0 Fest also provides multiple opportunities for individuals to assist with various charities throughout the event. A Fishing Derby, Artist Painting and Guitar Auctions are all options where patrons can take part and help contribute to the Red Dirt Relief Fund, Michelle Halpern Foundation and Bahama Village Music Program, which a few of the artists themselves assist while visiting the island.

Music takes place from 10:00am until near 2:00am daily, meaning those extra days you tack onto your trip will be useful if you’re not an early riser who can explore the island before shows begin as there is plenty to see and do. From Ernest Hemingway, Shel Silverstein, Maritime Museums, Truman Little White House, Southernmost Point to Jimmy Buffett – Key West offers so much to keep you entertained and Mile 0 Fest added a four-plus day event to spotlight Red Dirt and Americana music on top of it – a match literally made in paradise.

It’s a vacation, trip, festival, etc. unlike any other but it’s also important to remember that it’s the people of Key West and those in attendance, working and responsible for putting on the event, who make it special. A boutique festival with another incredibly talented lineup ensures all of the music heard throughout the week will be spectacular, so have fun, meet new people, take care of your bar tenders and enjoy one of the best times you’ll have all year – guaranteed.

Live Review: Charley Crockett in Asheville – 07/08/2018

The musical vagabond, Charley Crockett, took to the stage on Sunday evening in Asheville…

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a vagabond is someone “who wanders from place to place without a fixed home” and while Texas native Charley Crockett has done his share of traveling across both the United States and world, he may not fit into an exact definition. However, his soulful sound – a collaboration of blues and Texas country sang from a heartfelt location found deep inside of Crockett himself and flawlessly executed on stage while drawing from years of street performing, all combines to produce one of the most entertaining shows you will ever witness.

Many people today attempt to package music into neat little boxes for specification purposes and an ease of finding something one may find interesting. However, there is no containing an artist who decides to push the boundaries of his or her craft and with the availability of music expanding by the day – people are slowly finding that the only category which matters is simply, good music. Crockett, backed by his band, The Blue Drifters, doesn’t fit nicely into country, rock, roots or blues – Americana has recently become the catch-all for anything closely resembling these but where you will find both Crockett and The Blue Drifters firmly planted is within the category of good, quality music.

Taking the stage at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, shortly after 9:00pm and following North Carolina native Valorie Miller, Crockett and his band immediately hooked the crowd with ‘Ain’t Got No Time to Lose’ – the first of a marathon 28 song set that unfortunately passed by all too quickly.

Surrounded by an incredibly talented group of musicians making up The Blue Drifters, Crockett shines in the spotlight with a range of songs capable of taking any listener on an emotional roller coaster throughout any given performance. As concert goers it is often easy to forget that the artists who entertain us have often been on the road for many days, weeks or even months – they have good days and bad like any of us but still must go out in front of crowds and put on a show to make their living.

Having seen Charley Crockett multiple times, he is arguably having more fun on that stage than any other musician currently on tour. Seemingly always in a good mood, his stage presence and live show is something that should be witnessed by any music lover. The recently released album, “Lonesome As A Shadow”, recorded in Memphis at Sam Phillip’s Recording Service is an awesome collection of just a few songs once found bouncing around inside Crockett’s creative mind and set to record – but the live show is something else entirely providing an added level of appeal to Crockett and his music.

There is only one other North Carolina date currently on his tour calendar – Friday, November 9 – with The Turnpike Troubadours at The Fillmore in Charlotte. Make plans now, get tickets here and be in attendance, you’ll be glad you did.

FULL SETLIST 07/08/2018

Ain’t Got No Time to Lose
Look What You Done
Downtrodden Man
Lil’ Girl’s Name
Cold Hearted Woman
How Long Will I Last
I Ain’t Never
If Not the Fool
That’s How I Got To Memphis (Tom T. Hall)
What the Preacher Say
A Dime At A Time (Del Reeves)
The Sky’d Become Teardrops
I Am Not Afraid
Lonesome as a Shadow
I Wanna Cry
Help Me Georgia
7 Come 11 (Benny Goodman)
T-Bone Shuffle
Jamestown Ferry (Tanya Tucker)
Sad and Blue
The Race Is On (Don Rollins)
Ain’t Gotta Worry Child
Out of Bad Luck
Oh so Shaky
In the Night
Silver Dagger
Goin’ Back to Texas
Trinity River