Welcome to Red Dirt NC

On a mission to spread the love for red dirt & Americana music throughout North Carolina…

The sounds of Texas country, red dirt music and Americana ring true throughout the south central region of the United States. Artists can make a living traveling through these areas and rarely need to venture outside the Texas panhandle in order to find new fans.

Thanks to the far-reaching powers of Internet, people everywhere can now enjoy the sounds of guitars mixed with fiddles, drums, harmonicas, pedal steel and sometimes, even an accordion. While listening can transport you to a different place, remind you of a past event or propel you into the future – getting to witness these amazing artists in person is an entirely different treat.

Here at Red Dirt NC, we’re not promoters attempting to sell out venues or find the next big star but we are interested in shining a light on all of the musicians who bring their words to life in the form of red dirt, down home, Americana music.

The good thing about red dirt is it can expand from a simple “One Chord Song” to be “All I Need” while knowing that “The Road Goes On Forever (And the Party Never Ends).” Nearing the line of rock music and often crossing over while simultaneously swinging back to the other side of the spectrum with acoustic simplicity and entertaining lyrics that tell a story of hard times, good times and everything else in between.

We only want more people in North Carolina to experience these feelings. You won’t find it on the radio but it’s out there. Music that can speak to your soul and artists who appreciate each and every one of their fans. Good people all around, both on stage and in the crowd. Behind the scenes and in front of the microphone. All coming together for a good time.

The artists, sound and red dirt music is already present in North Carolina but we’re hoping to make it easier to find and enjoy. Shine a light on our own homegrown talent and introduce North Carolinians to the many others who share a similar taste in music and lifestyle.

All while finding new fans along the way … one song at a time.

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