The Black Lillies: Ready to Bloom

The Black Lillies are ready to bloom with a new lineup and album on the horizon…

A mix between the blurred lines of red dirt, folk, blues, and Americana music is where The Black Lillies are planted with their unique sound and lyrical storytelling. Founder and lead singer Cruz Contreras has been the engine behind this group since their formation but now shares songwriting with current band members after a significant lineup shift in 2016.

The current four piece group of Contreras, Bowman Townsend, Sam Quinn and Dustin Schaefer continue to impress and may currently be putting together the best album to date for this band. The Black Lillies are nearing a decade on the road with their fifth album currently in production and are continually putting on entertaining performances night after night.

Playing festivals from Bonnaroo, Mile 0 and Merlefest to everything in between, the group has gathered a significant fan base with their amazing harmonies and patented sound. The Black Lillies have also played The Grand Ole Opry dozens of times, becoming one of the very first independent groups to fulfill that honor.

The band just wrapped their second session at Echo Mountain Studios here in Asheville, North Carolina where they continued work on the latest album. Once completed it will be the first project from The Black Lillies to be entirely formed from the work of its members. No guest appearances and no outside input other than from producer Jamie Candiloro.

Specifically selected for his style of production, Candiloro has a track record in music that speaks for itself. Having produced or engineered for Willie Nelson, Ryan Adams, The Eagles, R.E.M. and Courtney Love to name a few, the process was difficult but ultimately it was determined that Candiloro would be tagged as the producer.

Cruz and the band are walking everyone through the entire process over at Pledge Music, where fans can contribute to bringing The Black Lillies fifth album to fruition. In addition to getting a behind the scenes look at how a record goes from an idea, to lyrics, then songs, actual music, live performances and studio changes – fans can also select to receive some awesome merchandise or experiences based on their level of giving.

Some items, such as the whiskey tumblers, are already sold out completely but everything from a digital download of the new record to being a roadie or having your own private show remains available.

The Black Lillies, Contreras, and all members of this group have always put their fans front and center and it shows in their support. Already at nearly 30-percent funded after just a little over one week, the newest album is gaining significant momentum.

Scheduled to be released in the fall of 2018, The Black Lillies are currently riding that wave through hard work, dedication to their craft and a continued appreciation for those that are listening.

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