Margo Price: Pushing the Limit

The extremely talented singer and songwriter Margo Price is pushing the limits with her second album, “All American Made”…

Margo Price broke onto the scene after a tireless effort of playing gigs throughout the United States when her first record, “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter,” was released nearly two years ago. She continues to display staying power with her second record, “All American Made,” which came out last October. A long time in the making, Price sacrificed considerably in an effort to continue pursuing her dreams and making music alongside husband, guitarist and fellow songwriter Jeremy Ivey.

The two seen highs and lows, suffered and struggled but all the while continued their commitment to making music and putting out songs that are often without catchy choruses but instead tell a story and send a message.

Price makes it work with her persona, despite drawing criticism from some who have negative comments for the rising star about listening to songs around bars, drinking, hard times and other “outlaw” topics with her artistic style and blunt truthfulness which should be appreciated by all.

Her latest album is a political statement put to use in an environment when some are shying away from expressing their opinions. Price meets the issues head on and doesn’t apologize for her stance but instead makes it a point to reveal her feelings in such an art form.

In a recent television appearance on Conan, Price performed a song from her new album titled, “Pay Gap” focusing on the financial state of inequality between males and females. She also invited the all-female rendition of Las Mariachi Lindas Mexicanas to perform with her and noted the lyrical mastery behind story telling and point making.

No matter your religion, no matter your race
No matter your orientation
No matter your creed and no matter your taste
No matter your denomination
We are all the same in the eyes of God
But in the eyes of rich white men
No more than a maid to be owned like a dog
A second-class citizen

Unapologetically, Price is pushing the limits and continuing to draw crowds of supporters who both appreciate her sincere musical talent and message. You can see her during two upcoming North Carolina dates, on May 15 at Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte or the Haw River Ballroom on May 16 in Saxapahaw.

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