Shinyribs: Get Your Dose Today

Shinyribs is a band unlike any other with the cure you need, even if you didn’t know you did…

Shinyribs, a name synonymous with entertaining, high-energy, can’t miss performances. The ability to entertain through stage presence, voice, music and the sheer talent of everyone involved – audiences are always left wanting more after any of their shows. From the always fun and thoughtful introductions to a never know what you’re going to get show, Shinyribs has been wowing audiences throughout the land since 2007 and in their current form for the past few years.

Led by lead singer Kevin Russell, formerly of The Gourds, Shinyribs began as a side project before morphing into the awesome show they are today. Performing both their own original music and a number of covers, Shinyribs never fails to entertain and their reputation precedes them.

Our first experience with Shinyribs was a 12:20am (start time) show on Day 1 of Mile 0 Fest and Russell was electric. Backed by the Tijuana TrainWreck Horns and Shiny Soul Sisters, Russell wore an eye catching outfit and danced the night away while jamming to the tunes and appearing to enjoy every last second of his set.

So too did the crowd who treated the late night set as a warm up for their main stage performance. Donning a bright yellow suit, Russell took the stage for a few songs before leaping from the riser and initiating a conga line throughout the festival grounds.

Whether you are familiar with the sounds of Shinyribs or not, one thing is guaranteed. You will be entertained. Always worth the price of admission, Russell and his crew never disappoint and he’s brining the cure to whatever ails you at MerleFest this year.

Their latest album, “I Got Your Medicine,” was released in 2016 and couldn’t have come equipped with a better title. Even if you’re oblivious to the gaping hole in your musical spectrum, Shinyribs will fill it with one live performance.

The combination of country, folk, bluegrass, funk, rap and any other genre you can think of creates a sweet elixer of enjoyment that you won’t soon forget.

Don’t miss Shinyribs on day one (April 26) as they kick off MerleFest here in North Carolina!

Thursday, 4:15pm-5:15pm (Watson Stage)

View the full MerleFest schedule and stage lineup here.

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