Medicine Stone 2018: Full lineup and stage guide

Check out the full lineup and stage guide for Medicine Stone 2018 below…

Medicine Stone 2018 is fast approaching as event planners and festival organizers have put together another incredible lineup for the sixth straight year. Beginning on Thursday (9/20) at 3:00pm CT, live music fills a majority of each day with sets from all of your favorites up until the wee hours of Sunday morning. There will be plenty to keep you entertained.

Couple that with camping underneath the ‘Oklahoma Stars’ by close friends, meeting new people and sharing in a love of music and you’ve got all of the necessary ingredients for a pretty spectacular weekend.

Following is a look at all of the scheduled events and where to catch your favorite artist or band when they take to the stage at Medicine Stone in less than one week!


3:00pm – BC and the Big Rig (Gravel Bar)
4:30pm – RC and the Ambers (Gravel Bar)
6:00pm – Read Southall (Main Stage)
7:15pm – Koe Wetzel (Main Stage)
8:45pm – Wade Bowen (Main Stage)
10:30pm – Randy Rogers Band (Main Stage)
12:15am – Micky and the Motorcars (Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse)
12:15am – The Vandoliers (Gravel Bar)


11:30am – Dave Kay (Gravel Bar)
1:00pm – Brandon Aguilar (Gravel Bar)
1:30pm – Jason Boland, Cody Canada and Mike McClure (Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse)
2:30pm – OK Film and Music Winner (Gravel Bar)
3:00pm – John Fullbright (Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse)
5:00pm – Jamie Lin Wilson (Main Stage)
6:10pm – Reckless Kelly (Main Stage)
7:35pm – Cody Canada and the Departed (Main Stage)
9:00pm – The Toadies (Main Stage)
10:30pm – Turnpike Troubadours (Main Stage)
12:15am – Charley Crockett (Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse)
12:15am – Dirty River Boys (Gravel Bar)


11:30am – Randy Crouch (Gravel Bar)
1:00pm – Thomas Trapp (Gravel Bar)
1:30pm – Mike McClure Band (Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse)
2:30pm – Austin Meade (Gravel Bar)
3:00pm – Kaitlin Butts (Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse)
5:25pm – Red Dirt Rangers (Main Stage)
6:50pm – Red Shahan (Main Stage)
8:15pm – Flatland Cavalry (Main Stage)
10:00pm – Jason Boland and the Stragglers (Main Stage)
12:15am – Bo Phillips (Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse)
12:15am – The Dirty Mugs (Gravel Bar)

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