Drew Cooper – ‘This Life – Part 1’ Album Review

Splitting time between Arizona and Texas, Drew Cooper has found an audience among those who enjoy story-telling and honesty from their singer-songwriters. Considered by many to be under the broad Americana umbrella, the truth is there’s a fine mix and influence of different genres – country, rock, red dirt, and more, throughout Part 1 of “This Life” (released April 15). Ultimately, it’s an artist sharing their personal thoughts and feelings just as they envisioned without making any sacrifice to fit a profile or match a label.

With an entertaining cover of John Prine’sAngel From Montgomery‘, Cooper’s attention grabbing baritone sets the stage for a true life journey across a broad range of different topics. Highlighted by the title track, ‘This Life‘, Cooper touches on a variety of subjects while sharing stories to which many can relate, like a rocking ‘American Son‘. The second track precedes ‘Darker and Darker‘, another powerful piece that highlights Cooper’s range and leaves fans eager to see what the second part of this double-album has in store.

Recorded at Studio 606 in Los Angeles (home to the Foo Fighters) and produced by its chief engineer, John Lousteau, ‘This Life‘ paves the way for Cooper to continue making music his own way while embracing a growing audience of Texas and red dirt fans.

The Drew Cooper Band is John June on bass, Austin Sweeney on lead guitar, Austin Goff on drums and Drew Cooper on lead vocals and acoustic guitar.

Musicians featured on “This Life“:

Lead vocals/ acoustic guitar-Drew Cooper
Bass-John June
Bass- Evan Myaskovsky
Drums- Matt Ryman
Drums, percussion, background vocals- John lousteau
Guitar- Patrick James Junior
Guitar- Oliver Roman
Guitar- Jack Maher
Keys- Martine Guigui
Mandolin-Drew Taubenfeld
Dobro- Albert Hickman
Fiddle-Jody Bartula