Live Review: John Moreland Weekend

John Moreland covered Charlotte and Black Mountain over the weekend…

John Moreland is one of the best songwriters in the industry and his addition of a full band has only served to increase his level of entertainment. While previous encounters with the Oklahoma based singer were far from stale, the backing of another guitar, bass, and drum kit plus an occasional keyboard or harmonica (sometimes both!), adds a different level of flare to his live performances.

Having witnessed Moreland on three separate occasions prior to his two-day run through North Carolina, it’s also refreshing to see him incorporate both aspects of his arsenal into every set.

Now, not only can Moreland rock the lyrics of ‘Sallisaw Blue’, ‘Love Is Not An Answer’ and Tom Petty covers but he can also slow it down for his acoustical renderings – always a crowd favorite.

Both appearances by Moreland this past weekend were in festival type settings as Tuck Fest at the U.S. National Whitewater Center on Friday featured numerous attendees for the many various other activities taking place and Saturday celebrated Pisgah Brewing’s 13th Anniversary.

Regardless, there were still those in attendance who came to see Moreland specifically – especially in Black Mountain. Moreland entertained both crowds with similar sets and each crowd was entirely receptive. No matter the initial reason for being in attendance, it is safe to assume that many left as new fans of Moreland and his many talents.

Not only did the crowds appreciate the up-tempo approach early but each was close to reverent when Moreland sat, guitar in hand and doled out the agonizing lyrics to ‘Cherokee’ and ‘Break My Heart Sweetly.’

If you didn’t get an opportunity to be at either of the shows this weekend, Moreland is returning to North Carolina on Friday (April 27) of this week. You can see him at The Ramkat in Winston-Salem, so start making plans to end your week right – you’ll be glad you did.

Two unique venues and one amazingly talented singer/songwriter made for an awesome combination of live musical entertainment this past weekend!

Red Dirt NC: Weekend Watch, April 20-22

From Black Mountain to Greenville, there’s plenty of opportunities for great live music this weekend…

Regardless of your preferred method for enjoying live music, this weekend has you covered. From enjoying a good meal and drink with friends, a more typical venue or even a festival, there’s something for everyone across the state here in mid-April (that can’t seem to shake January).

Barley’s Taproom has some of the best pizza in the western part of the state and the “Fiddlesticks” are a must. Both the Visulite Theatre and Buccaneer Music Hall are more traditional venues and you’ve got two great options to see John Moreland.

Tuck Fest is happening at the US National Whitewater Center with all sorts of events occurring over the weekend, including live musical performances – of which Moreland is performing a set on Friday night. Saturday, you can catch him at Pisgah Brewing up in Black Mountain – another wonderful music venue with great craft beer.

FRIDAY – APRIL 20, 2018

Pistol Hill – Barley’s Taproom, Spindale

Independent and traditional country music. Emerging local artists within the genre featuring both original songs and covers from some of your favorite individuals and bands.

Old 97’s – Visulite Theatre, Charlotte

“There aren’t more than a handful of bands in history who can claim to have an intact, unchanged line-up as they approach twenty-five years together. There is, of course, no real blueprint or rulebook for sustaining the kind of chemistry that Miller, Bethea, Hammond, and Peeples enjoy. ‘I think our longevity can be attributed primarily to our friendship and ability to overcome those moments when egos want to overtake and obliterate everything in their path,’ says Miller … ‘We’re just very lucky to be able to do this for a living. It’s insane and beautiful and we never, ever take it for granted.”

John Moreland – Tuck Fest, Charlotte

“In churches learning how to hate yourself/Ain’t grace a wretched old thing” he sings, the song called “Ain’t We Gold.” Big Bad Luv is unmistakably a rock ‘n’ roll record. If, that is, one understands the term to include Ray Wylie Hubbard, John Hiatt, and Lucero. Or The Band, maybe. Insistent songs, coming from a voice as elegant as unfinished barn wood, songs which insist upon their words being heard.


Corey Hunt Band – The Buccaneer Music Hall, Greenville

“Hunt’s songwriting ranges from sincere romanticism to outlaw rebellion, and their do-it-yourself approach to booking, recording, and gigging has given them the freedom to explore and expand their music as they grow.  With room to grow and momentum on their side, their crowd-pleasing and relatable take on modern roots music is poised for bigger and better things every time they hit the stage or the studio.”

John Moreland – Pisgah Brewing, Black Mountain

A second opportunity this weekend!

SUNDAY – APRIL 22, 2018

No shows currently listed.

Look for us out on the road this weekend and enjoy the shows! Don’t forget, keep spreading the love, one song at a time…

John Moreland: Changing your tune

Now there’s a John Moreland song for whatever mood you’re in…

Singer and songwriter John Moreland has built a reputation for passionate lyrics and acoustic performances that connect with audiences across the country. Born in Texas, Moreland spent time there and in Kentucky before another move brought him to Tulsa, Oklahoma when he was 10 years old.

It was here where Moreland began to play guitar and write his own songs. A member of a few different bands, his initial interest was in hard core music but a transition to his more familiar sound began to occur following high school. Moreland has built a following largely on his own, consistently writing songs, self-producing and releasing three solo albums. Even using his parent’s home as a recording studio for his third album, High on Tulsa Heat.

Becoming known for his story telling capabilities and piercing lyrics that often not only hint at, but face dark and depressing tones full on, Moreland himself began to succumb to his own endeavor. He shared these feelings with Rolling Stone in a past interview.

“When I heard the sad bastard thing more and more, it came to a point where I felt like a caricature of a real person. It made me really depressed for a little while, where I kind of believed it and put too much stock in that. I felt like it was all I had to offer: just bumming people out. It got really dark. I was a happy person, and then everybody called me a sad person, and then that made me sad. I felt like, ‘Am I just bumming everybody out? Is my art just this one-dimensional, negative thing?'”

Now a few years older, in love and married, Moreland released his first full band record, Big Bad Luv last year. His most recent performances have been a mix of his rock based beginnings, fully backed anthems and a peppered mix of his acoustic renditions, which still can quiet a venue demanding their appropriate attention.

Moreland has been heralded by country superstar Miranda Lambert but won’t be writing anything for her or anyone else, anytime in the near future. A rising star in his own right, Moreland continues to receive praise from Lambert and countless others in the music industry.

As his evolution continues, expect Moreland’s music to maintain its hard hitting ability to impact an audience – now, covering an even wider array of emotions.