Mike and the Moonpies Release Surprise New Album Ahead of NC Tour Dates

“Cheap Silver and Solid Country Gold” serves as the next step on a stairway to greatness for Mike and the Moonpies.

For months Mike and the Moonpies have hinted at the possibility of a brand new album and a recent release of the single, ‘You Look Good in Neon‘ only added fuel to the fire. ‘Danger‘, a song penned straight to lead-singer Mike Harmeier’s young son has also been a part of the set list for a while but there was no word on when (or even if) the full record was coming.

Then came midnight on Friday, August 2, 2019.

The band first created a stir by blanking out their social media profiles earlier in the day and the group’s website also appeared offline. Then they reappeared, first as a full silver slate before turning to gold later in the evening. Finally, at midnight many fans knew what to expect but the album, and story behind its recording, were far better than anyone could have imagined.

Pushing the limits and proving to think outside-the-box, producer Adam Odor and David Percefull took the band to the historic Abbey Road Studios in London. Harmeier cut a cover of  ‘London Homesick Blues‘ from Gary P. Nunn and the entire record is backed by London Symphony Orchestra members.

The Moonpies haven’t swayed too far from center though, there’s still plenty of country guitar licks available from Catlin Rutherford and smooth pedal steel out of Zach Moulton. Kyle Ponder keeps everyone in line on the drums and bassist Omar Oyoque, a fan favorite at live shows, is noticeably solid making his Moonpies album debut, in addition to former traveling member John Carbone on keys. Guest appearances from Shooter Jennings, Nikki Lane and Season Ammons are also scattered throughout the track list.

An eight-song journey that seemingly arrived out of nowhere taking listeners through the witty lyrics of ‘Miss Fortune‘, an upbeat ‘Fast as Lightning‘ with an exceptional ending and the title track, ‘Cheap Silver‘ that precedes the aptly named “Solid Country Gold”.

Arguably the best live show around just got even better with the (hopeful) addition of these novel and soon to be classics. Harmeier continues to impress and you can witness it all for yourself next month across North Carolina.


09/05 – The Grey Eagle – Asheville – TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE

09/06 – Puckett’s Farm Equipment – Charlotte – TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE

09/07 – Hopscotch Music Festival – Raleigh – TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE

Live Review: Mike and the Moonpies in Greensboro, 03/28/2019

Mike and the Moonpies prove country music is alive and well during a recent stop in Greensboro.

From the moment Mike Harmeier stepped on stage at The Blind Tiger in Greensboro, it was clear the crowd was in for an awesome show and The Moonpies didn’t disappoint. Playing songs off their latest album, “Steak Night at the Prairie Rose”, some older classics, plus the yet to be released – ‘You Look Good In Neon‘ and ‘Danger‘ – fans were treated to one of the most authentic sounds available in all of music today.

Harmeier may not care if ‘Country Music’s Dead‘, but his songs and backing from a band that seems to get tighter with every set they play proves otherwise. In a musical world where mainstream country music has drifted far off the long beaten path from the Nashville sounds of the 80’s and 90’s, The Moonpies are a refreshing personification of what once was and can be again.

Alongside lead guitarist Catlin Rutherford, bassist Omar Oyoque and drummer Kyle Ponder keeping everyone in line, is the prominent sound of pedal steel created by Zachary Moulton. It is here where the most eminent licks are established during ‘Road Crew‘ and the title track from “Steak Night…”, produced by Adam Odor, who is also accompanying the band throughout this portion of This Means Tour, currently ongoing across the midwest and northeast, with a few southeast stops sprinkled in as the group returns to Texas.

In true Honky-tonk style, Harmeier has been ascending bars throughout the different venues on tour, while continuing to play and entertain fans. Although the set up at The Blind Tiger wasn’t really conducive for such an event, The Moonpies managed to pull it off. Exiting the stage momentarily before reappearing atop the back bar, Harmeier continued to electrify the crowd before returning front and center for a grand finale.

Originating as a dance hall band and maturing from the experiences of playing three to four hour sets, you can’t help but get up out of your seat and enjoy this group’s live performances. Whether playing for an audience of less than 100 or over 1,000 this band pours their heart and soul into every strum, slide, beat and lyric.

A much anticipated performance lived up to the billing as Mike and the Moonpies made their lone tour stop this time around, leaving those in attendance hoping for a return trip soon.