Mile 0 Fest: An untold story from the crowd

A few untold stories of an inaugural Mile 0 Fest from Key West…

The inaugural Mile 0 Fest from Key West, Florida was an astounding success. Everyone we talked to had nothing but wonderful things to say about the individuals from Oh Wook! Productions, including artists, fans and volunteers. With such a talented lineup everyone knew going in the music would be amazing, but what about the logistics of pulling off a four day festival on an island, far from a core group of red dirt music fans?

Flawless execution on all accounts.

Okay, so maybe there were a few general complaints involving the lack of shuttle transportation to and from hotels closer to the airport into Old Town, Key West or the amphitheater but there were plenty of other options. Taxis, Uber and Lyft are all prevalent on the island in addition to scooters, golf carts and once you arrive on Duval Street – walk.

Walking from the main stage back to the post show venues wasn’t too difficult and there were plenty of people heading that way if you needed a ride. This aspect was by far one of the most enjoyable parts of a four day, red dirt music festival in paradise. Meeting people from all over the United States who share a love and appreciation of music and what these artists do to entertain us fans.

There have been plenty of reviews about the concerts and off-site performances which often featured more than one artists collaborating on stage and even a few of their kids shining in the spotlight.

Our friends over at Gallywinter really nailed the overall festival review but it was near impossible to see all of the great acts with four stages of pre-shows and three following the main event every night. That said, don’t change.

The untold stories were found in the crowd, those golf cart and shared Uber rides were a blessing and people were more than willing to accommodate. There were little to no lines at the restroom or concessions and every conversation when faced with a wait, was friendly.

Everyone was on “Island Time” and seemed perfectly content with taking a step back and making sure everyone present was enjoying themselves. We met quite a few people from North Carolina, but were far out numbered by Texas and Oklahoma. No matter where you came from, Kansas or Kentucky, Carolina or California, for four days everyone was a red dirt fan in Key West.

The crowds seemed to also appreciate the venue and simplicity from a wonderful set up. There was little to no trash left following the shows as workers constantly were policing the grounds and picking up, even while the acts were on stage. Four days with portable toilets could have also been a bad situation but for the most part each was kept clean throughout the night and must have been serviced daily.

Chairs could be set up, left to go stand with others who wanted to dance or be close to the stage and then returned to unmoved. The people of Mile 0 really were a joy to be around, in addition to seeing many of the same faces daily, as most were there for the entire festival.

Rides were shared, drinks were bought, and everyone had a good time thanks to the countless hours of preparation by Oh Wook! Productions and their team.

See you next year!

Welcome to Red Dirt NC

On a mission to spread the love for red dirt & Americana music throughout North Carolina…

The sounds of Texas country, red dirt music and Americana ring true throughout the south central region of the United States. Artists can make a living traveling through these areas and rarely need to venture outside the Texas panhandle in order to find new fans.

Thanks to the far-reaching powers of Internet, people everywhere can now enjoy the sounds of guitars mixed with fiddles, drums, harmonicas, pedal steel and sometimes, even an accordion. While listening can transport you to a different place, remind you of a past event or propel you into the future – getting to witness these amazing artists in person is an entirely different treat.

Here at Red Dirt NC, we’re not promoters attempting to sell out venues or find the next big star but we are interested in shining a light on all of the musicians who bring their words to life in the form of red dirt, down home, Americana music.

The good thing about red dirt is it can expand from a simple “One Chord Song” to be “All I Need” while knowing that “The Road Goes On Forever (And the Party Never Ends).” Nearing the line of rock music and often crossing over while simultaneously swinging back to the other side of the spectrum with acoustic simplicity and entertaining lyrics that tell a story of hard times, good times and everything else in between.

We only want more people in North Carolina to experience these feelings. You won’t find it on the radio but it’s out there. Music that can speak to your soul and artists who appreciate each and every one of their fans. Good people all around, both on stage and in the crowd. Behind the scenes and in front of the microphone. All coming together for a good time.

The artists, sound and red dirt music is already present in North Carolina but we’re hoping to make it easier to find and enjoy. Shine a light on our own homegrown talent and introduce North Carolinians to the many others who share a similar taste in music and lifestyle.

All while finding new fans along the way … one song at a time.