Local NC listening options for Red Dirt music

Immediate solutions to continually spinning the radio dial in search of good Red Dirt music…

If you live in North Carolina, or anywhere on the east coast, finding today’s best Red Dirt country music can be a bit of a challenge. Despite countless radio stations and satellite radio, no stations have been solely devoted to the music coming out of Texas, Oklahoma and other states – North Carolina included – to highlight the artists who can still sell out a venue without the push of a major record label.

These artists are some of the hardest working individuals and bands in the industry. Playing dates that fill up a majority of their calendar, criss-crossing America in an attempt to support themselves and spreading the love of their music. Individuals on the east coast and especially in North Carolina can have a hard time finding a forum from which to hear their music.

These outlets will immediately remedy this situation and provide an awesome listening experience for anyone who tunes in to their broadcast.

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