One week from today, #MusicMonday debuts

A new special feature for RedDirtNC begins one week from today…

Beginning a week from today we will feature a band or artist with a specific article devoted to their music. In an attempt to spread the love of Red Dirt and Americana music, this newly derived experience will not be limited to local musicians only but is expected to feature its fair share. The #MusicMonday series begins on February 26, 2018 and will continue weekly over the next year.

As mentioned, groups and individuals from anywhere in the world are eligible and we would love to hear who you are listening to as well. Moving forward, feel free to share recommendations for those artists we should cover and hopefully all of your suggestions will be highlighted at some point in the future of this series.

While new music is always a plus, shining a light on the abundance of good music already available is also our goal. Expect to see a mix of North Carolina homegrown sounds, music from neighboring states and an impressive helping of individuals from Texas and Oklahoma.

After our announcement earlier today, we’ve already received excellent suggestions for our first feature next week, but would still appreciate hearing who you would like to see as our initial individual or band spotlighted. Hopefully, this new series will assist in our mission to continually spread the love for Red Dirt and Americana music across the great state of North Carolina.

Feel free to share your thoughts here, contact us via email at or hit us up on social media through Facebook or Twitter to shine a light on the artists you want featured. Thank you again for your initial suggestions and contributions in helping us to reach our goal as we look forward to spreading the love one song at a time.

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