Uncle Lucius: One Last Ride

Uncle Lucius will play their final show this coming Friday at Gruene Hall in Texas…

For over a decade, Uncle Lucius has been spreading his unique soul sounds across the country traveling relentlessly from coast to coast and producing four original albums to Keep the Wolves Away. Unfortunately for us fans, since founder and lead singer Kevin Galloway posted a shocking message to Facebook back in September it set the Wheel’s In Motion for a farewell tour.

While it was a somber decree for those wishing There Is No End, Galloway was quick to thank both the fans and his band for a decade of support but simply stated the he, “is moving on.” Whatever is next in store for him and the members of Uncle Lucius, they are sure to be successful in No Time Flat after displaying a resilient work ethic with no Willing Wasted Time and commitment to their craft for such a long period. We Don’t Own the Right to question his decision as it is surely in the best interest of those with the closest ties to Uncle Lucius.

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Establishing an enthusiastic fan base both inside and out of Texas, Galloway has one of the most recognizable voices and sounds in the industry. With so much music available, setting yourself or your band apart from the masses typically takes a concerted effort but once Galloway begins any lyrical journey, fans and even your average listener can immediately discern that it is Uncle Lucius they are hearing.

Hailing from Austin, Texas anyone fortunate enough to see the band perform live was given A Million Ways or at least 97 Reasons to love what they saw and with news of their final show on the horizon, people have been soaking up the final few moments as they Flood Then Fade Away.

On Friday in front of an already sold out crowd under the water tower at Texas’ oldest dance hall, Gruene Hall, Uncle Lucius will play their final show. A few tickets remain for the added Thursday night performance as part of two night “Farewell Show” performances and if you find yourself anywhere close to New Braunfels toward the end of the week, here’s a simple piece of advice – go, because All We’ve Got Is Now.

You’re only regret will be not familiarizing yourself with the soulful sounds of Uncle Lucius much earlier and while you will experience more than a Pocket Full of Misery, with no immediate hope for seeing them in the future, four albums remain for our listening pleasure as we all hope for an encore at some point down the road, although Someday Is A Far Cry away.

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